Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What does your heart Beat for?

the people i love makes my heartbeat
the love i give and receive from my family, friends, and us 7 members
i feel great warmth whenever i think about it
i want to be with you guys forever
- Taecyeon

struggles make my heartbeat
cause i know they make me stronger
thats why ill never give up
thats why im not afraid to fail
today i face another obstacle
and so my heart starts beating... again

trust makes my heartbeat
when it became extremely hard and felt like my heart was about to stop,
though out trust i was able to overcome the pain
now, if we're together, i know i can overcome anything
so my hear overflowing with confidence beats stronger then ever

being anxious makes my heartbeat
i ask myself every morning, "would i be able to accomplish it well today too?"
and, "do i need to improve in some way?" then i tell myself "i can do it. of course!"
i can feel the pulses in my heart beating faster and faster. will.. it begins again

Fans make my heartbeat. My fans who love me despite my weakness...
it feels like a dream that my music can make someone happy
i want to sing for that person who may have at least one fan remaining
its time to be back on stage... my heart is about to burst
- Junho

Music makes my heartbeat
the more i hear, sing and preform on stage...
my heartbeats stronger then ever.
i want to live like this until the day i die...

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